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Stockholm in the summer is a many different city from the winter city i have visited and performed in many times.This can be city of smiles, of sunshine, of twinkling waters, of bars and caf made up of chattering people spilling onto the streets, of cyclists and myriad different languages.

I am here to attend the ninth women playwrights meeting place(Wpi)Conference bombarded by most astonishing and invigorating group of talented committed women, effervescent with ideas, packed with zest and the joy of being amongst our own.I are usually in women conferences before, or mostly women but they haven't been with a group made up entirely of creative people.And the sense is so different.

In a inauguration, current us web design manager of wpi reads out a message from mayor of buffalo, new york where the first conference was held in 1984.It is a proclamation.In honour of the continuing valuable work of women playwrights, he has dedicated the week of the consultation as women playwrights week in buffalo, and will celebrate it with several city level activities!I find it impossible to assume such an event happening in any indian city.All our mayors do is dedicate days and weeks to individuals, real or mythological, may garner them votes and votebank.

The opening session is specializing in arab writing.In an ongoing western centric world, even with the rise in translated works from many corners of the world, where else would we get to hear about excerpts from fiery writing from this world, a part of the world where women lives are even more complicated than for the rest.

The first speaker is the over unity of our nidal al achkar, founder of al madina treatment room, beirut.She has a rare occurrence, a compelling one as http://www.bing2analytics.com/pandora/pandora-charms.html she takes us briefly over the history of theatre in lebanon and arab world through difficult years of religious fundamentalism.She explains how she has held onto theatre and encouraged new writing and productions industry by storm arrest and threats.

Shondos shabayesk, a young journalist turned storyteller talks of storytelling to tell your family and resist through her days in tahrir square during egypt revolution last year.The 18 days of egypt war and onwards, storytelling was as far back as between people in casual gatherings and random encounters.The stories kept telling us of what we were part of, of what we were finally able to arrive at, that's why gave us hope.The stories were like opium during crisis.She now gathers people to tell his or hers stories, for your is how stories are born.You can also find plays from maldives and mauritius, from kurdistan and palestine to iceland and europe.I consuming alcohol all this in.Where would i find such a diverse list of playwrights and their work in one place?I feel an adrenalin push as i blend and listen, and take up.

After sunset, there are significant performances to choose from and i choose to attend in the lost and found:The red baggage directed, written and repeated by young lana nasser from jordan, winner of last year etel adnan award which was commissioned many years ago to encourage arab writing.It is a commentary on the latest socio political climate of the arab world, and on a woman journey of earning new meaning and finding autonomy.

Lana, in a strong and riveting entire usefulness, examines herself in communication, culture and the media drawing on knowledge and women stories confronting many social taboos.

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A traffic stop in iowa turned up 100 pounds of marijuana, and later resulted in local law enforcement finding more marijuana and $160, 000 in cash at an arcata home.Interstate 80 wednesday afternoon and reported finding 100 onepound bags of processed marijuana in the vehicle.Two suspects were arrested.After an investigation, the iowa state narcotics task force found the marijuana was from a residence on the 700 block of park avenue in arcata.A humboldt county drug task force agent obtained a search warrant for the residence, a press release said.Thursday.Officers detained christopher luddie, 21, and patrick wall, 21, at the residence.They found 122 onepound bags of processed marijuana in one bedroom.They also found evidence of a butane hash lab in the residence, and about one pound of hash, the release said.In the garage, they found an indoor marijuana growing room that had been recently harvested.When officers searched one of the vehicles in front of the residence, they found $160, 000 in cash inside a duffel bag.Officers seized the money for possible asset forfeiture, the release said.Wall and luddie were both arrested on suspicion of cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana, for manufacturing of a hash lab, and for conspiracy to commit a crime.Both had bail set at $500, 000.The case remains under investigation by the humboldt county drug task force and the iowa state narcotics task force.

Weight gain during pregnancy is less important than a woman's starting weight and not gaining enough may be more harmful.Light drinking is fine(Up to two glasses of wine a week in the first trimester and up to a glass a day in the second and third trimesters).And much of the evidence supports having three to four cups of coffee daily.Full story

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More than three years after salinger's death at his new hampshire home, numerous questions remain unanswered, notably what or if he wrote during the selfimposed retirement of his final decades.But salerno has won some important converts.Full story

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